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Team Development

Our work related programmes are designed to meet your specific needs for senior management, departmental, cross functional or project and self managing teams.During each programme participants experience a variety of exercises that replicate or mirror the type of issues they may face in the business.  They are designed so that the learning can be applied back in the workplace.  It is our belief that tasks and activities which explore the different aspects of team dynamics and development, coupled with direct involvement will provide the key to effective learning.

With the guidance of our specialist course tutors individuals are encouraged to evaluate their own performance and the team’s overall behaviour.

Behavioural assessment techniques including psychometrics help and develop an individual’s personal awareness.  These and other proven systems form an integral part of each customised programme.

Programmes can be run in company, at our management centre, or at a chosen venue.


  • Mission planning and goal setting
  • Team Organisation
  • Belbin team types
  • Team operating processes
  • Team interpersonal relationships
  • Developing openness and trust
  • Team consruct and synergy

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