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About Us

Companies need an objective and independent insight into their people if they are to maximise an individual’s potential. Walton Churchill’s integrated assessment techniques are not only objective but also a proven way to evaluate capability, working style, motivation and the way in which working relationships are established on both a one to one basis and within teams.

Using validated psychometric analysis our experts can reduce placement risks when recruiting external staff or considering development programmes for existing personnel.

Our consultants have over 30 years experience across a wide range of sectors working at senior and junior levels within large and small businesses. We will provide clients with meaningful information to assist with all types of people based decisions. We ensure that the “candidate experience” is managed with complete sensitivity.

Walton Churchill Group is also known for it’s ability to develop high performance teams at any level of the organisation. Using psychometric and behavioural tools, coupled with sound business acumen, bespoke programmes are developed. To ensure that the learning is actualised in real terms one or two key issues are explored at the team development events and personal and team action plans are created. Walton Churchill then works with the team on site to cement the learning.

Starting as a small consulting firm in 1982 Walton Churchill now, not only, serves the north of England but also the entire UK. It’s ability to assist companies in dealing with mergers, acquisitions and restructuring has also meant the provision of expert and culturally aware services to client companies in North America and throughout Europe.

For further information please contact one of the directors.

Jackie Dow