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Organisational Development

The organisation of a company, team or partnership must evolve with the business.
By developing the organisation in concert with business objectives, there is much greater likelihood of success, especially for the longer term.

But what is organisational development?  In simple terms it is about enabling the organisation to perform in an optimum manner and ensuring that the work conducted by the business is done effectively.  It is leadership, the organisation and review of the work and the ‘infrastructure’ which supports the work.  In practical terms it is about solving workplace problems and creating efficiencies in areas such as the following:


Having a vision and a strategy for the future
Creating buy-in
Setting achievable goals throughout the organisation
Developing an appropriate organisational structure and set of policies/processes
Building a competency framework


Understanding of your culture and core values
Setting out requirements and expectations of work to staff
Co-ordinating information for well-functioning teams
Ensuring accountability

Dealing with People

Coaching and motivating staff
Applying policies and processes in a consistent manner
Obtaining commitment
Giving and receiving feedback
Persuading or negotiating with managers, customers, suppliers

Reviewing and Evaluating

  • Assessing performance and effectiveness
  • Identifying areas in need of improvement or no longer required
  • Continuously applying review information for improvements
  • Correcting a mistake or changing a decision based on new data

These are just some examples of developing an organisation to become more effective.  Organisational development consulting includes diagnosis of problem areas or gaps through audits, interviews, focus groups and workshops.  At Walton Churchill solutions are identified with key members of the organisation to enhance leadership and team development.